Our Story

Nøddeskal is a Danish import company. We conveniently deliver organic nuts straight from the farms of Bulgaria to the Danish customer.

When we first came to Denmark, we were captivated by the eco-friendly mentality of Danish people.

Organic farming finds great success here, thanks to the health-conscious and environmental mindset of many consumers. 

However, we soon discovered a hole in this market; it was very difficult to find an affordable source for high-quality nuts. 

Growing up in Bulgaria, we were used to eating lots of healthy, homegrown nuts that were particularly rich in flavor and aroma. 

This was something that we missed having with us in Denmark. Therefore, we decided to bring this experience to Denmark with Nøddeskal.

We sought out to partner with the very best, certified-organic farmers in Bulgaria and to overlook the entire process from production to delivery, ensuring that only the best quality reaches Denmark.  

Our Mission​

Our mission at Nøddeskal is to prioritize sustainability by offering high-quality, organic products that give back to the planet

Our Vision​

Our vision is to shift market trends toward more sustainable land-management by fostering a community of environmentally-conscious people.

Values and Beliefs

Our values match our customer's values:

● Organic products with high quality, grown in a natural environment
● Direct cooperation with farmers, ensuring fair trade and proven producers
● Convenient and sustainable solutions to production and delivery

Nøddeskal team

only tree
Hrisian Atanasov
CEO & Founder
Daniel Tringov
CTO & Co-Founder
Hawler Dizay
Magnus Jegsen
Marketing Manager
Eva Duffy
Communication Manager
Hristo Hristov
Production Manager
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