High quality, organic nuts that give back to the planet

Your purchase helps us to plant trees! A portion of every sale goes toward Nøddeskal’s initiatives to combat deforestation

Office catering

A variety of solutions to meet all your needs in the workplace, so that your team can maintain its fullest potential.

Wholesale supply

We can fulfill the needs of high quality organic nuts for every re-seller by providing products straight from the farm.

Our benefits

Ease and Conveniece

Our nuts are offered in convenient mini packages, or no package at all (boxed). Our mini packages can be easily closed with a self sealing zipper. We offer free delivery on all our shipments and no commitment to a contract. 







Your employees will maintain better performance and strong energy (especially when feeling sluggish after lunch) by eating a variety of nuts. Eating almonds or walnuts lowers the blood-pressure and helps your employees to feel more focused. And the overall vitamins and nutrients found in the nuts we provide help to boost their immune system, meaning less sick days!




Great Pricing Comparison

With competitive prices compared to other industry retailers, you save on cost when buying bulk and without compromising quality. We even offer price-matching so that you can spend more on other additional benefits for your office.






Organic, high-quality

Our Products are certified organic and our quality is closely monitored to ensure that only the best nuts are packaged and delivered.

Cooperation with farmers

We ensure decent work and economic growth with our suppliers in Bulgaria

Convenient Delivery

We ship fast and with ease, all across Denmark. We meet your schedule to deliver on time so you never run out of nuts.


Save Money & Time

Competative prices, bulk discounts and no more trips to the store.


Nøddeskal prides itself in implementing sustainable practices within several areas of the company – from production and packaging to delivery.

We worked hard to achieve UN Goal 8: Decent work and economic growth and Goal 12: Responsible consumption and production. Currently we are in the process of meeting UN Goal 15: Life on Land, by planting 400 hazelnut trees in Bulgaria. This will let us supply hazelnuts even more directly from the farm, while helping increase our planet’s forestation.

You can learn more here about UN goals.

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